We Believe that Image is Everything.

One of the biggest problems faced by small businesses today is brand recognition. People have been taught to trust the brand with the best advertising and the most professional image, which usually tends to come from the big names with big marketing budgets. Increased opportunities for exposure through the advent of smartphones and easy online access have fed their success, but have left the small business world in serious need of competitive marketing. 

New Trend Media was launched in September 2015 by design and media professionals Matt Stern and Jonathan Shilts. We're a company fixated on giving small businesses a chance at standing up to the big guys. Through the provision of competitive marketing material, quality design, and media production at a cost that's affordable to all, we're building a new trend for the small business world.  

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Matt Stern Lead Designer & Media Producer

Matt Stern graduated from Towson University in 2012, with a degree in Electronic Media & Film. He has worked in the media business in various capacities, from running a freelance photography and videography business, where he worked alongside several non profit organizations as well as the Baltimore City Public School System, to more recently working as the visual and social media manager at a major online hobby retailer. Matt enjoys spending his free time exploring new locations and opportunities for landscape and post-industrial photography. 



Jonathan Shilts Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer

Jonathan Shilts graduated alongside Matt Stern at Towson University in 2012, with a degree in Communications and Marketing. While spending several years outside of the media industry, he maintained his skills as a freelance marketing consultant and graphic designer, producing material for a varied selection of clients, including the companies he worked for. Alongside working with New Trend Media, Jonathan is currently studying to become a Presbyterian Minister.    


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