Building a Brand for the 21st Century 

Sandy's Beef & Ale is a Sports Bar and Pub in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. The establishment has been in business for fifty years and has a strong base of regular patrons. Building awareness and enticing new customers has been the recent focus of management, with the aim of strengthening their image and increasing their business beyond local word of mouth. 

We joined with Sandy's to develop a stronger web presence and a brand which they could use to market themselves both online and offline. We designed and launched their website in early 2016,  creating a new logo for their business alongside it, and took over management of their social media marketing. We have also worked with them to create several print advertisments and a billboard poster for use at the local high school football field.  

Since partnering with New Trend Media, Sandy's has seen a substantial increase in customer popularity, with average weekly numbers now similar to those previously seen only during their busiest events of the year. We continue to work with Sandy's, managing their website, social media, and print advertising, and look forward to assisting in further aspects of their brand revamp, providing new menu designs and other marketing material in the near future.